How long is the warranty?

Our product comes with a one-year warranty. If there are any problems with the electronic components, we will replace them, and if there are any issues with the mechanical components, we will repair them under the warranty. However, please note that any damage caused by human error may not be covered by the warranty and may result in fees. The specific amount of fees will depend on the circumstances of each individual case.


Does EDS have any protective devices?

Yes, it does.


How effective is the rear derailleur? 

The rear derailleur is strong enough to handle off-road riding on forest trails.


How does the shifter feel? Is it smooth and light?

The shifter has a very responsive and crisp feel, which distinguishes it from mechanical shifters.


How is the rear derailleur's tension?

The rear derailleur's large spring and damping ensure that gear shifting can handle all types of terrain when riding.


What is the capacity of the battery?

The battery has a capacity of 800 milliampere-hours (mAh).


How long can EDS last on a single charge?

EDS can be used up to 24,000 times on a single charge.


What is the weight of the EDS set?

The weight of the shifter and rear derailleur with the battery is 411 grams.


What type of transmission does EDS use?

It uses a dual transmission system that utilizes both Bluetooth and ANT.


How many variations of rear derailleur leg length are available? And what size of the cassette can EDS accommodate?

The long leg version supports up to 10-52t, the medium leg version supports up to 10-42t, and the super short leg version supports up to 10-28t.


Which brand of cassette does it support?

The app allows you to customize the speed and gear spacing, so in theory, it can support 7-13 speeds cassettes from all brands.


Is it possible to install a double chainring with this rear derailleur?

Unfortunately, due to its direct mount structure, the rear derailleur is only compatible with a single chainring system.