WHEEL TOP EDS TX ROAD Wireless Electronic Transmission

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We are currently working diligently to prepare for the launch of our product, and we sincerely appreciate your love and support for EDS. If you are eager to experience EDS, we recommend that you contact our offline business team. You can reach them at  service@wheeltop.com for further information.

Product Introduction

1. The rear derailleur has an ultra-low profile that is 25.8mm and highlights the frame. The main mechanism is hidden under the upper connecting rod, and the main body has no impact by the strike, which is more friendly for later maintenance.

2. The front derailleur uses a single-control button (only one button), and it is easier to shift gears. The functions of each button can be freely adjusted and set through the APP.

3. The manual controller communicates with each transmission wirelessly, and the gear position feedback code table is displayed.


4. The integrated clamp has high air tightness and is highly compatible with disc specifications. It adopts ceramic piston which has super heat resistance, super high brake.

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