WheelTop EDS OX Wireless Electric Derailleur

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Zeb Serban
WheelTop EDS OX Wireless Electric Derailleur Quick Review

I've had the set for 2 weeks.
I rode the bike with the WheelTop EDS OX Wireless Electric Derailleur in several bikeparks and my observations and comments.

1. Setting up the whole set is very simple.
2. The app has all the settings you need.
3. Being able to manually fine-tune each cassette chainring is great. Example, you have a crooked derailleur hanger. A normal derailleur will already malfunction, but the EDS has manual fine-tuning and you can correct the curvature of the dropout.
4. Quiet operation.
5. The battery lasts for many intense rides.
6. The app connects to the derailleur and all changes take place immediately.
7. The set is cheaper than others and works practically the same.

1. The bolt that moves the derailleur away from the cassette is too soft. After an hour of driving, I was bent into a bow. Now I can't get it out, but the derailleur still works.
2. It is rare that the derailleur does not work on pressing the buttons. It lasts from a dozen to thirty seconds, and then everything returns to normal. It's happened a few times. It's not a big problem. I hope they fix it in updates.

I haven't used the set long enough to give a definitive opinion, but at the moment I can recommend it.
I use the bike in Enduro and Trails.

Michael Taffe
As expected

The system arrived in 10 days after ordering. Quality looks very good. So far the function is as expected from the limited number of online reviews available. I have tested it on 3x9 and 3x11 systems so far, 11-34t, and it works even though it isn’t designed for multi-chainring and is setup for wide range cassettes. Perfect shifting for one or even two chainrings is achievable with adjustments to B screw and chain length. The recommendation to use a 12 sp chain should be noted more prominently, it does appear to improve shifting over a 9 sp chain on 9 sp cassette. The 9 sp chain does work, however..

Impressive Durability

I was so impressed with the strength and durability of the system. The rear derailleur handled all types of terrain with ease, and the large spring and damping ensured that gear shifting was consistent and reliable. The long battery life was also a huge plus, allowing me to ride for extended periods without worrying about running out of juice.


I recently had the opportunity to test out the WheelTop EDS, and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed with this electronic derailleur system. The precision and responsiveness of the shifters were outstanding, making gear changes feel effortless and smooth. The dual transmission system that utilizes both Bluetooth and ANT made pairing with my devices a breeze.

Great Compatibility

The fact that i can select the number of gears makes me want this. With two batteries, no need to worry about the usage time, and pretty competible price, i do recommend this.